Whittemore-Wright Company, Inc.
Proud Manufacturers of Quality
Products for the Leather Industry    
Since 1908
62 Alford Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

-Celebrating our 110th anniversary.

-Whittemore-Wright's newest  tanning
product, Morifil BO, is a protein-type
filler for softer tannages, including
garment leathers.
Morifil BO imparts a full, round, tight
break with the soft and silky feel
customers are looking for.  It gives
uniformity, better buffering properties,
and improved finishing.
This Formaldehyde free filling is
especially noticable in loose areas such
as bellies and flanks. Morifil BO
promotes even uptake of Morifil

-Please view our product page to learn
more about Morifil BO and other
standard products.

Whittemore-Wright is one of the top manufactures of tanning oils
in the global market today.  Through three generations of family-
owned business, our quality control is more than an idea, it is a
personal commitment. We have dedicated ourselves to producing the
finest quality tanning materials available.  This year marks our one-
hundredth year in the business and it is a very important milestone
for our company. We owe a lot of our success to our customers and
to our suppliers.



  •  A reliable business partner with 110 years experience
  •  Dedication to customer service and quality products
  •  Leader in developing new products to meet customer demands
  •  Leader in innovative products  
  •  Highest quality at a competitive price
  •  Use environmentally friendly procedures

For more about Whittemore-Wright Company please view our
Page.  If you are interested in products please view our Product page.
TEL: 617-242-1180
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Whittemore-Wright Company, Inc
110th Anniversary
Since 1908