Morite HSG

Solvent Degreaser


Charge:                        Non-Ionic and Anionic
Active Substance:         75 - 80%
pH:                                5 - 7

Appearance:                Clear Yellow Oil

Morite HSG is a specialty Environmentally-friendly degreaser for top-end leathers. Morite HSG contains
no NonylPhenols.  Degreasing with Morite HSG will prepare leathers that demand the most critical
attention.  This is a highly effective compound which can be added at several points in the wet-end
process to ensure maximum grease removal and dispersion.

For side leather:  
0.25 – 0.50% HSG based on lime flesh weight is added directly to the bate or first tan feed.

For full grain:     
0.50 – 1.5%  HSG helps eradicate surface grease problems and promotes better uniformity of color.

We would suggest floating the shaved stock with 120 deg.F water, adding the suggested amount of HSG
and running for 20 minutes, followed by a 15 minute wash at 120 deg. F.   A similar procedure  can be
followed for blue splits.  Morite HSG can also be used for wetting back crust leathers.

Details are intended only as a guide and do not constitute a specification-information provided without
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